Gas Crisis Update

Thank you to all residents who reached out last month to make arrangements regarding your March utility bill. We understand this is a frustrating time, and the Town is doing everything that we can to help the situation. We continue to work with our legal team to find a solution, and encourage all residents to call the Indiana Attorney General’s Office (317)232-6201. There are many State Attorney Generals that are looking into the gas price gouging, but unfortunately Indiana’s is not. According to our gas management company, there were many cities/towns/companies that did not follow the PEPL operational flow order, and those who did not comply will be receiving hefty penalties. Since Lapel did conserve natural gas on 2/15/21, and purchased incremental supply to comply with the operational flow order, we are NOT receiving those hefty penalties. Lapel should receive a credit from those who did incur and owe penalties. The tricky part however is the credits owed back to Lapel depend on how many of those who incurred penalties actually PAY their penalties. We will know more information on this later this month. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been aware of the gas crisis, and you can read their news release here: We will continue to give updates as we receive them.

Lapel Utility Bills

April’s utility bill should look more “normal” again. Those who signed up for a payment plan will see the additional charge automatically added to the bill. As a reminder there is no penalty for paying the payment plan off early, or using the full nine month timespan. Autopay is reinstated starting April 15th. If you would like to sign up for autopay, you may get a form at or at Lapel Town Hall. Town Hall is reopen to the public, but we ask that you continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

Meet Our Crew

Pictured below is Cameron Clawson (left), and Mike Daniels (right). Cameron is the town’s Wastewater Plant Operator, and has been an employee since March 2008. Mike wears many hats, so you may see him maintaining roads, reading meters, helping with water/gas installs, or maintaining the parks. Mike has been an employee since September 2018. If you see either of these gentlemen around town, make sure to say hi and thank them for all their hand work.

Cameron and Mike

Town Events

April 1st – Town Council Special Meeting 6:30pm @ Town Hall

April 2nd – Town Hall Closed

April 5th – Town Council Special Meeting 6:30pm @ Town Hall

April 7th – Regular Trash

April 14th – Trash & Recycle

April 14th – Planning Commission Special Meeting 6:30pm @ Lapel Eagles

April 15th – Autopay Withdraw

April 15th – Lapel Redevelopment Commission Meeting 6:30pm @ Lapel Eagles

April 15th- Town Council Meeting 7:00pm @ Lapel Eagles

April 19th – Utility Bills due

April 20th – Park Board Meeting 7:00pm @ Town Hall

April 21st – Regular Trash

April 28th – Trash & Recycle

More Information

Check out the Town of Lapel website at for the following information: Ordinances, meeting minutes, town schedule, online bill pay, autopay form, ordinance violation complaint form, reporting a street light out, signing up for text alerts & town newsletter, and direct links to the Town of Lapel Park website, and Town of Lapel Planning website.

Did you know there are multiple ways you can pay your utility bill?

  1. You can drop your payment in the drop box located at the front of the building
  2. Drive through the drive thru
  3. Pay inside Town Hall (when we open back up to public)
  4. Use the online system at (charges approx. a 3% service fee)
  5. Pay by phone (this is the same system as the online system)
  6. Mail your payment to PO Box 999 Lapel, IN 46051 (Town of Lapel is NOT responsible for US Mail delivery)