Lapel Utility Bills

Attention all residents, due to the snow we had when it was time to read meters, some of your water meter readings were ESTIMATED for this month’s utility bill. If your meter has a radio read on it we were most likely able to get your correct reading, unless something is currently wrong with the radio read on your meter. Our system computes the water estimates based on your last three months average use. If it over estimates your bill this month, you will receive an automatic credit on your water and sewer the following month. All GAS readings were read and are ACCURATE. You may be keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature, but that does not mean that your furnace is not kicking on more frequently. The Town of Lapel did not raise the price of natural gas. If you find yourself struggling to make your utility payment, please contact Lapel Town Hall. There is assistance available through the township trustee, Energy Assistance Program through the county, and payment plans through Town Hall. Making no effort towards paying your bill, or communicating with Town Hall could result in disconnection of service if your bill is 30+ days late.

“May the luck of the Irish bring us warmer weather?” – Lapel Town Staff

Lapel Utility Department

The Lapel Utility Department is currently hiring for four full time positions. Work days are Monday – Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm; occasional holidays & weekends. To apply be stop in Lapel Town for an application, or fill out the Google Form on the Town of Lapel’s Facebook page

Town Boards

There have been quite a few board changes already this year.

Lapel Town Council: Vice President Tom Marvel stepped down in December of 2021 due to becoming Fire Chief of the Lapel Stony Creek Fire Department. Noah Bozell was appointed in his place. The members & their rank are now the following:  Teresa Retherford President, Chad Blake Vice President, Lindsay Washmuth member, Jason Kleinbub member, and Noah Bozell member.

Lapel Planning Commission: President Gary Shuck announced his retirement in December 2021. Lapel Town Council President Teresa Retherford appointed Andrea Baldwin as a new member. The members & their new rank are now the following: Jeff Keith President, Dan Paddock Vice President, Angie Callaway member, Andrea Baldwin member, Paula Lee member, Matt Wood member, Kourtney Krabbe Secretary, and Noah Bozell Council Liaison.

Lapel Park Board: President Steve Tipps, and member Tammy Hersberger stepped down in the end of 2021. The members & their new rank are now the following: Katie Hutchison President, Olivia Wood Secretary, Katharine Cox School Board Appointee, Casey Jones member, and Leigh Murphy member.

Lapel Board of Zoning Appeals: Member Pamela Shuck has stepped down from the BZA. The Lapel Town Council President will appoint someone to fill her position at the next Town Council meeting on 3/17/22. If you are interested please contact Lapel Town Hall. The members are now the following:  Gary Shuck, Herschel Hinkle, Tim Munro, and Ron Nunnelly.

Lapel Redevelopment Committee: Shaun Cofer, Amanda Paddock, Pamela Shuck, Paula Lee, Lindsay Washmuth Town Council Representative, Chad Blake Town Council Representative, and Brian Gill Frankton-Lapel School Board Representative.

Lapel Town Hall

We will be closed March 14th – March 17th for training. If you have a gas/water emergency please call (765)534-3157, and our call center will direct your call to the appropriate personnel. Payments can be made online at, through the mail, or using the drop box located on the front of Town Hall.

Coming Soon!!!

A new system to pay your utility bills will be available the first of April. This system will allow you to create an account online so you can access your bill at anytime from anywhere. You will now be able to pay your bill through this new online system, automatic withdraw (you select the date), credit/debit card, automated phone system, by text message, or at Town Hall using cash, check, or money order. You will also be able to start receiving your bill by email if you chose. Stay tuned for further information on our Town of Lapel Facebook Page

Town Events

March 2nd – Trash & Recycle

March 9th – Regular Trash

March 10th – Planning Commission meeting 6:30pm @ Lapel Eagles & Virtual

March 14th – 17th – Lapel Town Hall Closed

March 16th- Trash & Recycle

March 17th – Utility Bill Due

March 17th – Lapel Redevelopment Committee 6pm Lapel Eagles

March 17th – Lapel Town Council Meeting 7pm Lapel Eagles

March 23rd – Regular Trash

March 28th – Disconnect for unpaid utility bills

March 30th – Trash & Recycle


More Information

Check out the Town of Lapel website at for the following information: Ordinances, meeting minutes, town schedule, online bill pay, autopay form, ordinance violation complaint form, reporting a street light out, signing up for text alerts & town newsletter, and direct links to the Town of Lapel Park website, and Town of Lapel Planning website.

Did you know there are multiple ways you can pay your utility bill?

  1. You can drop your payment in the drop box located at the front of the building
  2. Drive through the drive thru
  3. Pay inside Town Hall (when we open back up to public)
  4. Use the online system at (charges approx. a 3% service fee)
  5. Pay by phone (this is the same system as the online system)
  6. Mail your payment to PO Box 999 Lapel, IN 46051 (Town of Lapel is NOT responsible for US Mail delivery)